About Us

Meet the girl behind the brand – Miss Lauren Janae.

Lauren Janae was born and raised in Cleveland, MS; however, after graduating from Mississippi State University, she decided to relocate to Atlanta—a place she has always been interested in.

 Lauren Janae has always had a keen sense of style since she was able to walk. As a little girl, she would always accessorize properly before leaving the house. She walked around the house in her play heels, and had fashion shows for her mom and older sister. One of Lauren Janae’s favorite memories is sitting at the kitchen table with her mom and the HUGE JC Penny catalogues (remember those?) picking out weekly outfits for her mom, dad, sister, and herself. Putting pieces together came natural to Lauren Janae.

She always wanted to pursue a career/business in fashion; however, she pushed it back for different reasons too many times … but now, she’s HERE!

shopLAURENJANAE is a clothing store that consists of pieces that Miss Lauren Janae handpicked herself to include in her store for various reasons. Each piece was picked to make her customers feel great about themselves, as well as feel proud of their decision to shop at shopLAURENJANAE.

 Now, browse the store and be sure not to leave without getting new pieces for your closet. -xoxo